Radon Gas Monitoring in a deep underground Lab

Customer Need Astroparticle physics experiments searching for rare events, such as neutrinoless double beta decay and dark matter particle interactions, have to be shielded from background radiation and have to exhibit a radioactive background as low as possible.Therefore, underground sites are preferred. Being protected from cosmic rays, the underground environment provides the conditions necessary for […]

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Report: Indoor Environmental Quality in 100 offices

A research project has been published about Indoor Environmental Quality in 100 offices. The offices belong to 11 different vertical markets in the tertiary sector. By number of occupants, they range between 3 and 40 people. Most of them are open space offices, 2 are co-working spaces and 1 is a call center. The analysis […]

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The impact of Plants on IAQ – VOC

With respect to the issue of environmental health, it is recognised that plants can reduce the presence of some pollutants. Nuvap studied the effects of plants on indoor pollution and has founded a positive relationship between the presence of plants and the reduction of some pollutants (especially VOCs). For this purpose an environment quality monitoring […]

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Healthy buildings for Healthy People

Environmental healthiness poses a problem that can be faced by two main standpoints: the quality of buildings and people’s health. Assessing the value of built environment, customers look for buildings that have superior performances. Occupant’s well-being is emerging among all the metrics (healthiness, comfort, user experience). Benchmarking agencies already consider this metric. An example is […]

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What is the relationship between Pollution and Covid-19?

A debate is open about the impact of pollution on lethality of Covid-19. Although it is premature to draw conclusions on this correlation, pollution seems to be an important co-factor that can contribute to the epidemic worsening. The Italian Aerosol Society (IAS) has published a paper about this issue: ‘Information on the relationship between air […]

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The importance of indoor air quality related to Covid-19.

The awareness about the importance of indoor environmental health has never been so high before. After the emergency related to Covid-19 pandemic, the control of air quality aimed at ensuring indoor health and safety becomes paramount. For a greater resilience of workplaces, while frequent disinfections are required, they may pose a threat for the health […]

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