Continuous indoor air quality active monitoring

The benefits of continuous monitoring are obvious.
Traditional environmental analysis are often limited to taking an extremely accurate snapshot of the environmental situation at a given moment, or within a very short
timeframe. Continuous monitoring, instead provides a detailed description of the dynamics of each monitored substance over time, for an in-depth analysis of the observed circumstances.

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What is the relationship between Pollution and Covid-19?

A debate is open about the impact of pollution on lethality of Covid-19. Although it is premature to draw conclusions on this correlation, pollution seems to be an important co-factor that can contribute to the epidemic worsening. The Italian Aerosol Society (IAS) has published a paper about this issue: ‘Information on the relationship between air […]

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The importance of indoor air quality related to Covid-19.

The awareness about the importance of indoor environmental health has never been so high before. After the emergency related to Covid-19 pandemic, the control of air quality aimed at ensuring indoor health and safety becomes paramount. For a greater resilience of workplaces, while frequent disinfections are required, they may pose a threat for the health […]

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