European Week for Safety and Health at Work


Today is the final day of the European week dedicated to security and occupational safety promoted by Euosha.

Euosha is the agency that researches, develops and distributes reliable, balanced and impartial information on health and safety, networking with organizations across Europe to improve working conditions.

Nuvap is the partner of the Healthy Workplace Campaign focused on the presence of toxic substances, as it has always been operative in many projects that promote the prevention of diseases in the workplace.

Moreover, within the eHealth4all initiative, Nuvap is carring on the assessment of indoor environmental quality of 100 companies in the Services Sector, with the aim of:

– define the quality of the environment in the monitored areas in comparison to the physical and chemical pollutants;

– develop a risk profile with respect to respiratory and oncological diseases;

– evaluate the impact on productivity and health expenditure.

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