Indoor air quality: a strategic lever for real estate

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Awareness of the importance of indoor air quality in our living environments, already growing globally in recent years, has further increased due to the Covid 19.

Today Corporate Executives, HSE managers, HR managers and Property understand the importance of innovation in air quality management and how these solutions can add value to their goals.

The actor who has long been at the centre of the scene, energy, is now joined by an equally important issue, long studied by scientific and governmental institutions, not only because of Covid-19, but from a more long term value-creating perspective.

There are several drivers that make indoor air quality (IAQ) management a key element for all the stakeholders of the Real Estate sector.


The observation of the main trends existing in society today, and in part deriving from the pandemic experience, shows a strong centrality of issues related to the environment, health and safety:

  • Sustainability is a major trend that increases demand for quality services, including indoor air quality.
  • Higher health and safety standards are needed within companies.
  • Work environments and lifestyles will need to be reshaped and new standards will be sought, to protect employees health.
  • The quest for an improved customer experience will trigger new digital services, aimed at informing users and customers about ongoing safety procedures and environmental health. 
  • The pandemic imposes protocols focused on health, particularly in buildings, where the virus can be transmitted much more easily.


Indoor air quality is increasingly becoming a priority for building owners and occupants, especially since the potential negative health effects of exposure to volatile chemicals, particulate matter, and other air pollutants are well known.

In more industrialized countries, precisely because of this, IAQ is already an issue that affects relationships between tenants and property owners.

In addition, although commercial real estate management is very complex, a greater focus on occupational hygiene and occupant well-being, with investment in systems to manage indoor air quality, can not only reduce liability, but increase performance, return on investment and property value.