Nuvap App 3.0

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Nuvap is glad to announce the release of Nuvap App 3.0, to meet the requirement of SME market. Following the significant increase of its customer base, the new App has been designed to improve the customer experience and facilitate the management of Nuvap ProSystem Solutions in workplaces, schools, hotels, care centres, public buildings and other indoor places where people spend many hours per day.

The main enhancements are: New features, new graphics, better insights
a. New Graphic interface
b. Per each factor there is a new 30 Days average value, on the top-left of each graph, to highlight the trends
c. Mac Address are reported in the Devices List on the Top
d. Info buttons: an “i” button appears next to each factor and next to Nuvap Index. By clicking on the “i”, the user gets a description of the values
e. Silence Mode: the device can be totally silenced by deselecting “Allow alarms” in the device settings (menu “Manage Devices”). Vocal messages will be disabled.
f. Graphs have new colouring:
  – dark green for maximum values
– light green for minimum values
– a darker green line for the average values
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