Nuvap is the partner of the 2018-2019 European Campaign “Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances”


The right management of the risks linked to the health and safety in the workplaces is an current topic which involves employees, companies and institutions.  The 2018-19 Healthy Workplace European Campaign is focused on the presence of dangerous substances and it wants to spreads a prevention culture about the health and safety in the working and living places.

The employees are daily exposed to the threats of toxic substances through inhalation, skin penetration or ingestion which can cause negative effect on health, including:

–        Respiratory diseases (e.g asthma, rhinitis,..)

–        Damage to internal organs, nervous system included

–        Skin Irritation and diseases

–        Professional illness (e.g. lung cancer, leukemia,..)

In addition, the dangerous substances can compromise the health and the people’s life causing explosions, fires, acute poisonings and choke.

Nuvap, as a national partner of the Campaign, is going to carry on no profit awareness actions, encouraging prevention measures and good practices linked to the aims of EU OSHA. The Agency develops and publicizes institutional initiatives on safety and security in Europe, creating relation with organizations improving the work conditions.

Surfing on Nuvap Website and Socials is possible to download the documents of the Campaign, case studies, information cards and audiovisual materials included.

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