The Solution

ProSystem solutions enable a seamless monitoring, assessment and communication of indoor environmental quality, considering up to 26 environmental factors and including several chemical and physical pollutants.

It consists of the My.Nuvap multi-tenant platform and a range of extremely compact, multi-sensor devices with a simple design and uncomplicated activation and management.
The devices are connected to the company WiFi and require a simple discovery and registration procedure on My.Nuvap cloud platform. Once the connection is made, no further configuration is required.
All the environmental parameters are accessible in real time, via web and mobile app. API ara available to integrate Nuvap’s data into third party platforms.

Nuvap’s technology is protected by international patents, relating to the exclusive combined and constant monitoring system for polluting agents, which may be present in the environments in which we live.

Nuvap. Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020