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Nuvap is the key partner for all the organisations willing to achieve a healthier indoor space via air quality management. Indoor Air Quality matters to several stakeholders: Real Estate Investors, Business Executives, HSE Managers, Facility Managers (Corporate FM and FM Firms).

Why to deal with IAQ?

There are many reasons to invest in IAQ solutions. Real estate traders aim at increasing the value of the assets’ value in their portfolio; corporates want to achieve a higher ESG rating and increase their capability to attract capital.

Health & Wellbeing

Indoor environmental quality and its effect on occupants’ well-being, productivity and comfort are widely tackled in scientific literature. Occupational hygiene and employee well-being are becoming increasingly relevant issues among companies.

ESG Strategies

IAQ management is a concrete metric for all organizations that draw up the sustainability report to communicate the results achieved in terms of social impact.

ZEB – nZEB Building

Directive 2010/31/EU explicitly defines that the energy performance of buildings must be calculated taking into account indoor air quality.

Certification Schemes

Building standards and corporate certification schemes feature Indoor Air Quality among sustainability and wellbeing metrics.

Why Nuvap?

Broad portfolio for Business Customers

Nuvap provides business customers and partners with all the components for IAQ management. Including the only integrated solution meeting all the requirements of feature WELL “A05 Enhanced Air Quality”.

End-to-end digital platform

Nuvap includes data collection, processing and analysis tools in a single platform, which are easy to install, configure and manage.

Flexible and customizable solutions

Digital services allow a high level of flexibility in managing the IAQ. Thanks to the API Nuvap offers the possibility to integrate personalized services.

Remote HW Maintenance and Calibration

HW is not an issue: Remote maintenance and calibration services ensure high quality data and the compliance with certifications requirements.

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Certification Schemes

Nuvap solutions meet the requirements of several certification frameworks like WELL, LEED, BREEAM, FITWEL. Moreover, they support the fulfilment of programs like GRESB, B Corp, ISO 45001.

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Research Projects

Measuring envelope products and systems contributing to the next generation of healthy nZEB.

System to monitor livestock facilities

SMArt Gardening

Cross-sectional system for environmental quality and safety

System to monitor indoor air quality in livestock facilities

System for Risk Analysis and Forecast for Critical Infrastructure in the ApenninEs dorsaL Regions

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