Nuvap solution is based on a cloud platform that acquires data from integrated multi-sensor devices and provides a portfolio of digital services.


The cloud platform receives the measurements transmitted by the devices, guaranteeing safe archiving and processing, advanced data processing according to Nuvap proprietary algorithms and maximization of performance thanks to an extremely scalable architecture.


The simple and intuitive web platform enables the user to configure the IAQ’s solution and to monitor the air quality performance of the different locations from a single access point.


Exposure of an API layer of RESTful services that allows the integration of the NUVAP solution into third-party applications and the development of customized functionalities according to the specific context needs.

Mobile app

The NUVAP mobile apps, available in the iOS and Android version on the stores, allow the simple and intuitive devices’ configuration and the monitoring of the air quality performance of the different location directly from the smartphone.

Nuvap Index

The Nuvap Index is an environmental health index developed by Nuvap to allow everyone to assess the healthiness of the air at a glance.
It ranges between 1 and 10 and takes into account many variables (concentration of each pollutant; changes; weight of each pollutant with respect to health effects, mix of unrelated pollutants).


Nuvap multisensor devices are compact and integrated. They detect chemical and physical pollutants, further to confort factors. There are several configurations, based on the number of sensors.

The deployment is very simple: it only requires a registration on Nuvap cloud platform. They support WiFi connectivity. Some models also integrate mobile connectivity.


N2Health is the ultimate solution for the monitoring of chemical pollutants. The solution handles 12 factors: formaldehyde, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide (measured), particulate matter (PM, PM2.5, PM10), temperature, relative humidity and noise. N2Health connectivity and operation are never a problem due to the integrated mobile connectivity, further to WiFi.


N2Smart focuses on fundamental parameters of indoor air quality, allowing to monitor many factors such as CO2 (for the adequacy of ventilation systems), TVOC (for the level of indoor pollution caused by people, materials and activities) and Particulate Matter (especially useful for monitoring the correct maintenance of the ventilation systems and their filters). N2Smart supports both WiFi and mobile connectivity.


N2Radon is devoted to Radon Gas monitoring. Device monitors Radon gas concentration and basic comfort 9 factors. N2Radon supports both WiFi and mobile connectivity.


VOC – Volatile Organic Compound

CO2 – Carbon Dioxide

PM1 – Particulate Matter 1

PM2.5 – Particulate Matter 2.5

PM10 – Particulate Matter 10

CO – Carbon Monoxide

CH2O – Formaldehyde

NO2 – Nitrogen Dioxide

O3 – Ozone

T – Temperature

H – Humidity

Rn – Radon

SNR – Noise