‘Amer Yachts’ wins the Innovation Award by Confindustria Nautica with their Healthy Yacht project

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Nuvap solutions in the first Healthy Yacht by Amer Yachts, engineered by One Side.

Amer Yachts showcased its first yacht equipped with an air quality monitoring system, during the 62nd edition of Genoa Boat Show held from 22 to 27 September.

The visionary company has always been committed to achieving its business goals while fully respecting people and environment.

During the Gala Dinner of the 62nd Genoa International Boat Show, the Amer Yachts boat was announced the winner of the Design Innovation Award 2022.

The coveted award established by Confindustria Nautica and the Genova Boat Show has the aim of supporting nautical excellence and is now in its third edition. The best projects are selected considering several criteria, including the sustainability in design and production challenge, paying particular attention to the environmental impact.

9 categories were awarded, selected by an independent jury, made up of national and international experts from different sectors (professional designers, sector journalists, university researchers, ship owners, industry experts, or representatives of organizations and institutions in the nautical sector).

Within the various categories, the special Liguria Region Award of Confindustria Nautica’s Innovation Award was awarded to the Indoor Air Quality Monitoring for Yachting solution proposed by Amer Yachts of the Permare Group, for having brought on board an innovative indoor air quality monitoring system, promoted by the Italian consulting company OneSide in partnership with Nuvap.

The first boat attentive to indoor air quality control

The yacht built by Amer was equipped with Nuvap indoor air quality monitoring solutions, adapted for the marine environment, with the aim of maximizing health and wellbeing of yacht’s occupants. The solution has been designed keeping in mind the peculiarities of the nautical industry, in terms of yachts’ interiors, living conditions, materials and emissions. The indoor are quality parameters are:

  • Particulate matter:PM1, PM2.5, PM10;
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC);
  • Carbon dioxide;
  • Temperature;
  • Humidity.


    The environmental data feed different services and processes during the sailing, the berth and docking phases.

    To simplify the user experience and access to reliable and validated data, a map of the boat has been reproduced with the location of the monitoring devices and the healthiness level of each monitored area, according to a simple traffic light representation (green: healthy air – red: unhealthy air).

    In order to abstract an easy to read dynamic score, the Nuvap Index has been adopted. It is the indicator that provides an immediate and synthetic index of the state of the air quality, with a value ranging from 1 (low) to 10 (high).

    This is an amount of information that not only protects guests on board, but also provides valuable data to improve the boat’s design and the construction process, identifying the best materials and systems to achieve the highest standards of well-being and safety.

    In addition, the constant data logging examines the concentration of pollutants in real time, allowing adaptive maintenance of the systems, rather than the activation or shutdown of any system, including ventilation or sanitation systems.

    The indoor air quality data can also be shared with guests.

    technological partner

    Founded in 1973, in Sanremo, Italy, by Fernando Amerio, Permare started by providing marine services to growing number of customers in the Italian and French Riviera. In the early 90s, the Shipyard Permare, after being also retailer and manufacturer for other Italian shipyard, begins the construction of yachts under its own brand “Amer Yachts”, that over the years will become a synonymous of quality. Today Permare builds, in Viareggio, Amer Yachts up to 120 feet and offers in Sanremo and Imperia refit and aftersales services. Over the past 4 decades, the shipyard has built a craft production considered a niche, over 100 yachts tailored to an Italian and foreign clientele, and in 2023 will party 50 years of activity starting Amer steel production.

    OneSide is a team of consultants who have set themselves the goal of accompanying any commercial or industrial or service sector company within the great ocean of ​​Information & Communication Technology.

    Nuvap help organizations that want to promote health and well-being through indoor air quality (IAQ), by providing solutions for IAQ management and enabling sustainability strategy execution via IAQ dynamic assessment, actionable insights for improvement, tools for reporting and communication.

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