Continuous indoor air quality active monitoring


The benefits of continuous monitoring are obvious. Traditional environmental analysis are often limited to taking an extremely accurate snapshot of the environmental situation at a given moment, or within a very short timeframe. Continuous monitoring, instead provides a detailed description of the dynamics of each monitored substance over time, for an in-depth analysis of the observed circumstances.

The data detected by Nuvap systems are automatically gathered and filed and they displayed in real time (also when monitoring remote environments). Some system’s configurations allow customers and partners to export the data and integrate them into third party applications. This is particularly useful, for instance, to determine the concentration of pollutants with regard to the occupation time of the building. Buildings with high concentrations of pollutants, which are only occupied at certain times of the day, must be monitored during periods of occupation.

Nuvap’s continuous monitoring systems allow to separate information over time and determine the actual exposure of occupants throughout the day. Further, continuous and detailed environmental monitoring optimises any interventions necessary to resolve the problems encountered and favours proactive initiatives.

With respect to the quality of the detected data, it is useful to specify that:

  • Nuvap devices are always connected and online, allowing constant and continuous checking of the sensors, and verifying data quality in real time;
  • the duration of the measuring affects the accuracy of the data: the longer the measurement is, the more accurate the data recorded are;
  • the automatic operation of Nuvap’s systems allows minimum random errors and eliminates human ones.

Thanks to IoT technologies, it is simpler to implement some scenarios which were formerly extremely complicated to manage (i.e. environmental monitoring of large spaces or spaces distributed throughout the country).

Companies need a platform to monitor the quality of indoor environments, and Nuvap provides an end-to-end application that doesn’t require advanced skills. Nuvap simplifies the entire process, without sacrificing either performance or reliability.

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