Nuvap introduces N2Smart for widespread IAQ monitoring


Nuvap introduces N2Smart, the device of the ProSystem N2 family, launched at the end of 2020.

It is a next generation solution, in which many features have been renewed:

  • connectivity;
  • configuration;
  • selection of high quality sensors.

The device focuses on fundamental parameters of indoor air quality, allowing to monitor many aspects such as the adequacy of ventilation systems (CO2), the level of pollution that can be caused by sanitation activities (TVOC) and the correct maintenance of the systems filters (PM).

N2Smart is ideal for widespread monitoring of indoor air quality and it is suitable for all environments, even for wide spaces. 

The great attention to design and technology have made it an extremely transversal solution, useful for anyone interested in monitoring not only microclimatic parameters but also chemical ones.

Thanks to its case, with essential and compact design, it can be easily installed on shelves or walls.

N2Smart is integrated with the Nuvap Cloud services platform that the company is developing with new projects, to allow an easier and more complete analysis and interpretation of the data.

N2Smart will be available at the end of March.



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