Nuvap releases its new digital services portal

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By listening to partners and users, Nuvap has invested in updating its technology platform, in order to adapt it to emerging needs and strengthen its B2B business model.

Milan, May 6th 2022 – Nuvap, the pioneer company in indoor environmental quality management, released its new service portal designed to help organizations addressing the challenges of IAQ management.

During 2021 the company introduced a new range of integrated devices – N2Health and N2Smart – and the solution is now completed by a new cloud platform, designed to support a robust digital services roadmap and allow partners to add value to Nuvap native solution.

Among the main enhancements, some are particularly designed to support business use cases:

Location Management: by adopting the concept of logical entity, Nuvap allows to associate data from different devices to a location/space/room over time. It is also possible to create tags and associate attributes to each entity, in order to improve the data analysis.

New Service Plans: without prejudice to the free and unlimited access to the Nuvap Index and Pollutants’ dashboards (Air Monitoring profile), two new service plans have been created: Air Assessment (Analytics portfolio) and Air Management (with more extensive administration functions). Any organisation can select the best solution in a seamless way, based on the objectives they have.

IAQ Assessment profile has been designed to enable performance analytics and support continuous improvement strategies.
 As an example, the analysis by cluster of devices/locations facilitates the understanding of air healthiness by building (main office, branch offices, …), by type of environment (meeting rooms, single offices, floors of buildings), and, in the near future, cluster analysis can be applied to other groups (i.e., by type of ventilation system).

Air Management profile has been designed to meet the needs of partners and customers that want to consume IAQ data in customised applications. Particularly, broader administrator’s features are enabled for the enterprise users; APIs and customised technical support are available. In the near future, it will be possible to leverage on a dedicated tenancy for the enterprise profile.

Account management: in a business context it is important to distinguish the company from the user. 
The Account can manage different users, with different roles. Following the creation of the account, it is possible to invite users to view the account data, in whole or in part.

“All those implementations make easier the IAQ management in business organisations and enable Nuvap partners to add value and integrate IAQ services into third parties’ applications” – Antonella Santoro, CEO of Nuvap stated – “Nuvap in very keen to simplify the end-to-end IAQ management, keeping in mind that the same data can be consumed by different applications and stakeholders, from the facility managers to the HSE managers and ESG teams”.

Moreover, the new service portal has a totally new visual design, integrating additional and improved dashboards, for a better visibility and extremely fast loading speed.


Nuvap is an Italian CleanTech start up, set up to support organizations willing to promote people’s health and well-being, through indoor air quality management.

The involvement of engineers, physicists, computer scientists and leading universities led to the development of an international patent and innovative solutions that provide a dynamic analysis of air healthiness, insights for improvement, communication and reporting tools to facilitate the implementation of sustainability strategies.

R&D investments focus on technologies for the detection and analysis of environmental data. The technology partners are Italian and the manufacturing facilities are located in Italy.

The company participated in two open innovation projects, “Generali Insurtech for Welfare and Health”, partnering with Generali Jeniot, and “ENI Health – Healthy people and work environment”, in partnership with ENI.

Nuvap has been named among the 10 Exciting Indoor Air Quality Technologies To Watch In 2021 by independent analyst firm, Verdantix. The company won the eHealth4all Award, a  best technology for prevention (2019) and Edison’s Pulse 2017 Award “ Best Smart Home Technology”. The HQ and Sales offices are based in Milan, the Engineering Labs are located in Pisa.




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