Nuvap was named one of 10 exciting indoor air quality technologies to watch in 2021 by the independent analyst Verdantix


Nuvap was named one of 10 exciting indoor air quality technologies to watch in 2021 by the independent analyst Verdantix (*).

As mentioned in the report, “In 2021 Nuvap is extending its sensor product line offering with more cost-effective and smaller sensors that capture more targeted data, to meet the needs of facilities and health and safety (H&S) executives. Within this new range, it will offer a wired sensor aimed at capturing the common and emerging air quality metrics required for building certifications such as WELL, including CO2 levels, total VOCs and granular particulate matter (PM) of a 1-micrometre size. Nuvap provides out- of-the-box application programming interfaces (APIs) to enable firms to import air quality data into their existing IoT platforms or BMSs”.

The analysts Verdantix also highlights “While many sensors will help users track PM of 2.5 micrometres in size, such as pollen particles and spores, Nuvap goes a step further by capturing PM data down to 1 micrometre, including combustion particulate, bacteria and viruses. This more granular visibility on PM will provide firms with better visibility into air quality and HVAC performance; high levels of small PM (less than 1 micrometre) can indicate poor- performing air filtration systems. The growing number of firms prioritizing occupant health in their facilities management strategies should review this product. In our 2020 global survey, 46% of respondents stated that improving occupant health and wellbeing was a high priority in the next 12 months”.

“This report identifies 10 of the most innovative hardware and software technologies aimed at improving IAQ and HVAC operation. Corporate executives in facilities, EHS, human resources (HR) and real estate roles should use this report to understand the cutting-edge innovation occurring in the IAQ market and how these solutions can add value to their buildings. Smart building technology vendors can also use this report to identify attractive partnership opportunities to improve their air quality optimization capabilities”.

Among the factors driving the interest of facility mangers, the report highlights “Inclusion of air quality performance in widely used building standards”, “Changing guidance for HVAC management during the pandemic” and “Increasing momentum of the occupant wellbeing agenda”.

The full report is available at (registration is requested).

(*) Verdantix is an independent research and advisory firm with expertise in digital strategies for Environment, Health & Safety, ESG & Sustainability, Operational Excellence and Smart Buildings.

Photo by Copernico on Unsplash.

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